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Horror stories, blood baby

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 O spend their honeymoons. / / lady hold the purple her carefully, for fear of being knocked down. Purple her holding her stomach with both hands, slowly walking in the crowd.

Her purple is not the first master some following weeks. Some master's wife died during childbirth. 2 s 13 months pregnant with the child is born, but 2 s dead. Classical master wanted to finally have a following, but that boy didn't die full moon.

Later, Mrs Has been no pregnancy. Until now, five s purple her finally. Classical master to hurry up to tell fortune a Sir To calculate a result, is a master, purple already became a treasure in the house for the same.

During the temple fair, purple spend their honeymoons. / / o already let the maid to accompany her to go to the temple to worship bodhisattva. Lords and butler, of course, also with out.

Worship the bodhisattva, purple already want to go to the street to prepare some clothes to her unborn child.

"Mrs O spend their honeymoons. / /, you accompany, I walked first, pay attention to some lady's body." Classical master impatient to spend their honeymoons. / / o with purple her, oneself go.

"Mrs., master's clothing with butler ready." O spend their honeymoons. / / hold the purple her said, "we have to be careful of your body." O spend their honeymoons. / / is actually afraid of too many people on the streets, accidentally touch bad 5 s, she can bear.

"Butler ready to volunteer in those clothes are frequently used, not lucky. Besides, I want to master to do some shopping." Volunteers frequently is the second wife gave birth to children that died without a full moon.

Purple already to floral don, made a lot of clothes, silks and satins zhuang brocade flower hall is the best. Finally her purple end front of a shop in the alley bought a toy doll.

This is a boy dressed in a purple coat, the dress material is satin, jacket is old cloth, counter-offer button, trousers are tang suit pants, big pants Angle, doll face do very is delicate. Like human skin, ivory color with light glow on his cheek, big eyes, like live, bobbing along with the people, will a stirred. The doll is not big, but like a little baby a few months.

Her purple said tired, spend their honeymoons. / / call the sedan chair. Purple already holding the doll, like holding a baby sits at the sedan chair.

Back home, the old lady saw the doll, also love, her baby in her arms, his mouth said: "one million is really good, this time the purple of her bosom must be NanWa!"

Classical master but don't like the doll, the doll of the smile and the eyes that he's a bit cold.

Dolls are placed to early master room prepared for the future.

Night, the classical master had a strange dream. He dreamed that he into a dilapidated hut, toward a ragged, unkempt appearance man debt collection. The man cried out: "Sir, please grace a few days again, I must pay." He recruit waved, behind the gray man go up, hugged the man a baby around, turn round and then walk. Some master said: "your children do mortgage!" Man and the baby cries, echoed in the poor little street.

Classical master wakes up, his ears as if heard the crying again. It's strange! People so little in his debt, but he just can't remember, who is the man.

Purple her finally successfully gave birth to a child. So he is a baby boy! White white fat, is very cute, just doesn't look like not like five classical master s purple already.

Classical master looked at children, think of the purple already bought dolls, this doll is not one million? It have that strange dream, the dream is the temple of god to the classical master, purple already gave birth to baby boy, the man was the temple of god?

Some master named child zhiyuan.

Manager has arranged everything. Purple already lying in bed, his arms holding the zhiyuan, make zhiyuan laugh.

Purple already tired, call master put 'big cot bed. All of a sudden, her purple like remind of what, spend their honeymoons. / / o ask: "that doll?"

"Oh, master in the room, I go to it!"

Spend their honeymoons. / / o the old lady took the hands of the doll, the doll with a smile on the leading edge contrast.

"See, this doll, a little bigger than our small zhiyuan!"

"Is that zhiyuan now hold not to live of the doll." Her purple just then, baby bed zhiyuan suddenly burst into tears, "hey, look at how crying again?"

Classical master give him see zhiyuan is wide open mouth cry, eyes stare at the dolls. O spend their honeymoons. / / hurriedly turned to put the doll on the chair, want to go to picked up the crying zhiyuan, zhiyuan at this time the but again stopped crying

"Zhiyuan seem to see the doll will cry!" Some master feel very strange.

Purple already and the old lady curiously watched some Sir, the old lady do not believe, again picked up the doll, in leading edge, as if in order to establish some master word, zhiyuan immediately opened his mouth will cry. Three people surprised to look at each other.

"Must be a toy doll is too large, leading some fear, such as' grow up a bit, don't be afraid of." Violet said her.

"Well, maybe so! O spend their honeymoons. / /, or put the doll back master room!" The old lady immediately agree with you.

Only the classical master produced some funny strange feeling in my heart.

Zhiyuan soon arrived one one full year of life, not sick, to hold the doll to sleep every night.

Zhiyuan learned to speak, can call "mother" and "grandma", but not called "daddy". Some master pity in my heart. Supposedly, children are generally first learn to call "the orphan".

A dark windy night, the classical master and had a strange dream. He dreamed that he called the housekeeper to side: "you go to old house, owe my money back. Tell him that his son's life is his." Classical master on the corners of the mouth slightly become warped, pull out a little eerie smile, turned around and returned to room taking a nap.

He was killed by a quick knock on the door of the wake from a nap. Stewards him out the door, then said: "old ran, he what also didn't at home." He personally went to that house, a cottage burning torches angrily.

Got drunk, he returned home, went into the room, letting children cling to stare at the baby...

Some master again woke up from a dream, the dream, what is going on?

The classical master can't sleep. He thinks that strange dream over and over again. At that moment, he seemed to hear someone chattered either in zhiyuan room next door. He in the mind a surprised, this is not a 'voice, zhiyuan also said not so coherent.

He got up and quietly in the room carrying the small low stool of a four foot, opened the door and went over to zhiyuan houses.

Go to zhiyuan door, voice disappeared. Look toward the door as classical master room secretly. But, oh my god, what did he see?

The dolls, baby bed, is bent on leading, mouth to mouth zhiyuan, seem to be hard to suck the air! Suction for a moment, looked up again, in the moonlight, sucking air out of the window, the moonlight seems to become a horse of white, straight income doll inside the mouth!

Classical master couldn't help shivering, hold the door openhanded, zhiyuan door suddenly somehow "noting" opened.

Some master a dizzy head.

He looked up again, 'everything in the room and his bed, zhiyuan is sleep in a baby bed, doll also sleep beside zhiyuan, zhiyuan is hugged it tightly with both hands.

Don't is no just now?

Zhiyuan is longer, the greater the can all run away, he spoke very fluent.

Oddly, zhiyuan never mouth is called a "dad". Some master heart inarticulate afflictive. Why not call dad? '

Grew up as the leading, classical master of that kind of strange feeling in my heart will become more and more severe. He found that zhiyuan looks increasingly like the doll. Classical master had told her purple so, purple already were not: "zhiyuan like dolls have what not good, so beautiful!" Classical master didn't dare to tell her that night, he saw, he was afraid of scare her purple.

Some master beware 'change.

More and more estranged from zhiyuan somehow like classical master. He not only looks increasingly like the dolls, and his eyes will become more and more like a classical master saw the doll for the first time, a doll of that kind of look in the eyes of the whole body chills. The curious thing was that the doll, looks nothing like the original so weird, like an ordinary doll instead.

Classical master feel zhiyuan changes must be related to the dolls, he couldn't keep the doll in the house, he'll think of some way to get rid of on his own.

Leading to the dolls are also not interested now. Because he can run on the ground, from time to time to go out, have to spend their honeymoons. / / o ordered to take him around the garden.

Classical master returned to the palace, and that day spend their honeymoons. / / o take zhiyuan to play in the back garden. This is a good chance, classical master busy with black cloth dolls, throw rubbish to the back alley.

Night, classical master again had that strange dream.

His hand holding a knife, the baby when he died, the eyes seem to have a complaint. Surprised by the look in the eyes of the baby suddenly he awoke from his wine, and see just killed by their dead baby is still in his sword, and the baby's eyes looked at him with hate.

He remembered his kill baby things, feel chilling. Also called butler threw the dead baby's body into the unmarked burial mounds and quietly buried.

Some master waking from a nightmare, he covered with cold sweat, this is not a dream drunk myself four years ago the whole process of the baby? Don't baby ghost, to seek his revenge?

Trance classical master was sitting in the dark, the door of the room silently, zhiyuan came in. He walked as far as the classical master side, the look in the eyes of the classical master saw zhiyuan like dream by the look in the eyes of the dead baby.

"You finally want to understand?" Zhiyuan spoke, "I was you close at the end of three years in the darkness of the grave, but for dog food month last year, I may never see the sun! You hurt my soul into anger as a XieYing, never reborn!"

"You are not my son?" Some master laborious to say a word.

"Your son?" XieYing cachinnation, "your son has been dropped into a back alley in the garbage! What do you think this more than a year of time, I am waiting in vain? I already replace body and your son!"

Some master closed his eyes in despair.

XieYing sent a strange laughter, came to the classical master. Some master fainting.

Housekeeper and purple already entered the room.

"Dad ─ ─" zhiyuan to meet up, "the dead old man, was I scared to death."

"Well, that's great!" The housekeeper zhiyuan holding up, in a gentle voice coax him, "dad tomorrow give you buy a new doll, ok?"

"Good, zhiyuan and dolls." Zhiyuan clapped happily.

"" xianggong", thanks to your plan, let the dead old man, and he thought it was made in his own evil, so also become our bag big government." Purple already took the housekeeper arm, stewards rushed a captivating smile.

"Ha ha, you didn't have the mushroom powder also helpful, chronic poison, western region for four years, the user will be killed, and visual hallucinations, if it weren't for you in their next meal didn't have the mushroom powder, make big wife died in childbirth and acquired at the cost of 2 s life he often failed, also let the old lady had a heart attack, grandfather died in his own illusion, all classical home increase fall into our hands now, lady is responsible." Butler stretch hand to hold the purple of her chin, laughing eyes.

"Ha ha......" Laughter, especially eerie.

Night, still dark.

But they found no one, in the depths of darkness, has a rare and dreaded eyes are intensely staring at them.

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